We take them very frequently!
Some are small like buying a pair of jeans!
Some are crucial like choosing right bike!!
Some are life changing like choosing a career or a life partner!!!

Choose wisely! Get the directions right!! Move Ahead!!!

Chief Counselor's Message:

Happiness is the ultimate asset and should be the ultimate goal of all of us. But, Happiness is the direct outcome of the decisions we take.

And its not a matter of walking on the cake when it comes to take some very crucial decisions. There are many complexities associated due to which many people regret on their decisions later. They have taken these wrong decisions because:
- They were ignorant
- They were misguided
- They don’t have proper information or knowledge
- They have taken advice from wrong person
- They were not self-aware
- They were confused
Here, at Guidepost, we are determined to help you in every possible way to choose the best, to take a decision on which you will never have to regret later, decisions which will make your life happier!

We wish you a Happy Career, A Happy LIfe!

Tapan K. Pandit
Chief Counselor, Guidepost
PGD (Counseling Psychology), M.A (Counseling Psychology)*
MBA (HR/Marketing)
Ex-Member, International Coach Federation, USA


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